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AJAX BOAT sfame GIF animated

What is it?

It is a multiplayer game in ASCII Art.

Which platform?

Web browser (PC, Mac, Linux, Android, iPhone, etc…)

I have to install something?

No, you haven’t. Go to http://sfa.me and play

Explain the graphics


__.–.__ On the top there is the mini-map
\o/ is your player
o dots are other players
???······· is the energy
WAVE are the incoming wave, a big wave is WAAAAVE


Yes it is. It’s only multiplayer. The game supports dozens of players. Perhaps even 100 and more on the same boat!

The Gameplay?

The goal is to stay balanced as long as possible on the ship without falling in the sea.

The game is difficult.

It isn’t. You have to manage well the energy and grab on the deck. Every 10 seconds you can grab on to the deck for 5 seconds and regain energy.

The game uses the accelerometer in mobile phones?

No, it does not use it.

The mobile controls

  • tap left and right to move.
  • tap the ship to hang on.

What are the Survivals?

The Survivals are matches where players start together. The last survivor is the winner. Click a Survival button and start a match.

Why do I have only half of energy?

Because you haven’t unlocked the ship.When you play a Survival with a blocked vessel, you have half of enery.

Why my Survival Points is a negative number?

When you participate in a Survival, you lose a point. When you win a survival you win as much points as the number of participants, multiplied by a possible bonus.

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