Battle Ants MMO

Genre: MMO, Strategy
Platform: Android, Browser
Release: September 2015 (alpha)

Battle Ants MMO (Alpha)
Battle Ants MMO (Alpha)
Price: Free




Main features:

  • Battles and upgrade of buildings do not require waiting time
  • Original elements such as enslaving enemy units, sending parasites,  prison camps, civil wars, insurrections, ransom demands, liberation of prisoners from the camps enemies, false flag

Gameplay features:

  • Use Fake-Queens to parasitize the enemy nests.
  • Use Pheromones to create havoc in opposing defenses.
  • Use Slaver Ant to kidnap the enemy worker ants.
  • Use the Killer to kill key enemy units.
  • Use Guerrillas for guerrilla actions.
  • Fund Secret Agency to finance Civil Wars
  • Manage prison camps, forced labor and demand ransom
  • Task Force go into action in order to save your prisoners from enemy prisons.
  • Ant News. A news bulletin that generates news every 4 hours.
  • Management of propaganda.
  • False Flag. Attack enemies or your own nest, then blaming other.
  • Concealment of the nest, spies, cooperative block of a nest, and more.